Pre-Autumn Reflections

“The pause between summer and autumn is nostalgia with a sharp edge. Let the memories come.” ~ Victoria Erickson

Hey there, lovely humans. It’s been awhile…like three solid months of blogging silence. Mostly because I just haven’t had anything to say which is a frustrating and freeing feeling. Frustrating because I’ve wanted to write and keep this blog alive and kicking. But freeing because it’s comforting to know that the world rolls on without me constantly uploading to this online space. I only want to write if I actually have something useful to say 🙂

I’m still writing; just not on the blog. Bruno, my laptop, has met a sad, untimely, and rather hilarious end so I’ve been using a temporary replacement which isn’t always available. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to back up some of my novels on a flash-drive so all is not lost…though some of it might be…

It’s been an Adventure.

But Autumn is whispering peace as we turn the corner of August and head into September and I couldn’t be more excited. Victoria Erickson was completely right: the lil in-between stage of Summer ending and Autumn beginning is filled with nostalgia. Someone else once said that Autumn is the season of the soul. It’s the time for reflection after Summer’s glory-days. A time to regroup and take stock of your Life.

Well, maybe not your whole Life (let’s not get dramatic, Tabby) but just the bits of it that need re-vamping and re-analyzing. The things that have been occupying your time, your mental energy. The things that have been pushing you away from Christ and from time spent with Him in prayer and Bible-reading.

2020’s been a year, lovely humans, but my prayer is that it’s pushed us closer to our Saviour; not further away from Him. Instead of devouring news sources and social media posts, staying on top of Facebook arguments and Twitter feuds, or locking our hearts away in fear and whispering doom and gloom to those we come in contact with,

may we saturate ourselves in the Scriptures.

May we encourage our fellow believers to look to Adonai: the one constant in all this turmoil. When you see the bigger picture painted in God’s Word and you know where this world is heading, all of this begins to make sense.

“In the world, you will have tribulation…”

Jesus promised us trials, lovely humans. He promised us years like 2020. He promised us hardship so we shouldn’t be surprised. Grieved, yes. Despairing, no.

“…but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

That’s why there’s no room for despair. Christ has already conquered all of this. Meanwhile, we’re always running, running, running, like it all depends on us and the Race hasn’t already been won. But we don’t have to always be fighting the whole world. There is room for rest and breathing, for shutting off news sources and social media platforms, for plunging our hands into the life right before us and the people right around us, for remembering that our true purpose on this earth isn’t to fight for social causes but to glorify our Maker wherever we are

(which may mean fighting on the front lines for a social cause orrrr, more often than not, battling bitterness, envy, pride, selfishness, impatience etc. etc. in our own hearts and growing more like our Saviour).

The High King will return and when He does, may He recognize us as His own because our colours are clear. May our hearts beat for Him before they beat for anyone or anything else. May we remember which drum we’re actually marching to and not get distracted by other sounds, however real they may be. I sort of think that when we enter Heaven, we’ll wonder why we wasted so much time wrapped up in things that really didn’t matter.

Heaven means blazing glory, when the edge of Night fades away. But we’re here in the Shadowlands, lovely humans. Here, tribulation is just a part of the terrain so we’ve got to learn to walk bravely; ⁣

not cursing our lot but accepting it from the hand of a sovereign King who has promised to guide us to The End. ⁣

His gentleness has made us great and when the Shadows fall at our backs and He wipes the final tear from our eyes and this Life seems nothing more than an odd dream;⁣

we’ll wonder why we wasted our time chasing dust and treating this Inn like it was our Home.⁣

So may fight, lovely humans, may we fight bravely to keep Christ on the throne of our hearts and not even one notch lower. May we cling to Him with every fibre of our being because He is our only lifeline off the sinking ship that is this world.⁣

It’s all passing away but He will never fade.⁣

So here in the final few months of 2020, I want to re-group and let out the breath I feel like I’ve been holding for most of the year haha Autumn makes my soul come alive and I can already feel the lovely stirrings on this first day of September.

I hope you can feel them too 🙂

It’s not always easy, lovely humans, but we’re all just walking each other Home so may we walk well ❤


ft. the glorious PA countryside that also makes my soul come alive. I adventured there several days ago and it was like coming Home ❤

P.S. No word on how soon I’ll be back to a more consistent posting schedule…we shall see. Buuut if you want to keep up with my writerly adventures, you can head over to my Instagram @tabbyrhwriter where I post rather frequently about books I’m currently reading 🙂


| We’re in a War, my friends, and we all need Courage on the Front Lines ❤ |

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