The High Importance of Beauty

"Cultivating beauty, creating order, crafting a life that celebrates goodness and innocence is not frivolous. It gives a living picture, a tangible reminder in a dark, difficult world that God is present. He is with us. He brings light. Beauty heralds hope." ~ Sally Clarkson It seems like we often equate things like writing, singing, … Continue reading The High Importance of Beauty

The Yo-Yo Incident| The Office Shenanigans V

"If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done." | Ludwig Wittgenstein I remember in my Freshman Year of High School, we asked our History teacher to pick the quotation that would go on our class page in the yearbook. That's the one he picked. Yeah, that one. I think that was … Continue reading The Yo-Yo Incident| The Office Shenanigans V